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Lollipop Holidays

Posted by on July 30, 2011

Lollipop Holidays

Lollipop Holidays

Lollipop Holidays are among the easiest ones to book online. That’s simply because the Lollipop Holidays web site

is so easy to use that even a two-year-old could book a trip using it! So how come it’s so easy to book a trip using Lollipop Holidays? Well, for starters, the web site only consists of one page, so no confusing text, long-winded descriptions or cheeky sales text to worry about. As the site’s motto says “No fancy website – just cheap holidays”, which is not very difficult to agree with.

So the Lollipop Holidays site consists of a header with logo, a picture, a few lines of text and, the most important component, a search form. Now here’s where the magic begins, when you start using the search form!

While simple in the way it’s laid out, the search form offers very powerful data mining opportunities and search combinations. Starting at the top you begin with choosing the departure date, but no return date. Instead you get to choose the duration of your stay, in days. This differs from most agents’ search features, as you don’t have to mess around with clunky calendars and drop-down menus in order to change two dates.

Once you’ve selected the date you get to choose the type of stay you prefer. As the first drop-down option you get to choose the airport of departure or whether you only wish to book the hotel at your destination. Obviously it is very likely that it would be cheaper if you book both flight and hotel through the same agent, but the option is there nevertheless. Which, in the spirit of freedom of choice, should be appreciated. As for choosing the airport of departure, you can select just about any airport in the UK or Ireland.

Once you’ve chosen the airport of departure you now get to the next drop-down menu, just below the previous one, where you get to select the country in which you want to vacation. Pretty much all countries with tourist locations are listed here, so no point in going any place else than Lollipop Holidays for that one.

Now here’s where you get what’s probably the nicest feature of the search form -  in the next drop-down menu you get to choose the exact resort at which you want to spend your holiday. So you get to choose between tons of resorts in countries like Spain, Portugal, Greece, but also less known vacation countries.

So you have now chosen the date of departure, the duration of stay, the airport of departure, country (or city) and the resort where you wish to stay. So choose the amount of rooms you want to book, the amount of travelling adults and accompanying children and that’s it. Hit the “check availabilty” button and your search is performed, with the best results and prices being returned!

This entire process should take you no more than a couple of minutes, so for the time invested you should consider it a good deal to have spent it looking for your next vacation at Lollipop Holidays.

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